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We love Thanksgiving just as much as the next person, if not more so. How can a day filled with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pie, and lounging around in your sweatpants be bad? Oh... You have to spend it with other people. Going home for the holidays can be a complicated thing. On one hand, you don't have to whip up a massive meal yourself and you get to see some of those you hold near and dear to your heart. But on the other hand, you're going to encounter some total weirdos.

Yes, Thanksgiving is the holiday where every family member comes out of the woodwork. You have the cousin from a far-off land whom nobody has seen for a year. There's your brother, who's just gone off to college and discovered politics and is itching to discuss affairs of state and other taboo topics. And of course you have your standard characters: the insecure cook, the drunk uncle, and the people who desperately want to be anywhere else and make that fact known.So buckle up, sit down, and grin. These are the 12 people you'll share the table with at every Thanksgiving.


The Aunt Who's Really Concerned About What's on Your Plate

Are you eating enough? Wow, you've really piled on those mashed potatoes! Oh, I see you took the final roll. She can't stop eyeing what you're eating and commenting on it, and you have no idea why.


The Drunk Uncle

They didn't make an SNL skit out of this guy for nothing. Someone had a little too much to drink and he's getting belligerent. But don't worry. He'll pass out sooner than later.


The Eat-and-Runner

They're not staying at Thanksgiving a moment longer than they have to. The second they take that last bite of apple pie and drink their last swig of wine, they're out the door. Perhaps they're in a rush to get to Black Friday shopping...


The Insecure Cook

They went through all the hassle of roasting a turkey, whipping up the sides, and carving the bird. Everything tastes great, but they're spending the entire meal asking people how the meal turned out.


The Nosey Nancy

They ask those questions you really, truly dread. Are you seeing someone? Is it serious? When are you getting married? Have you seen so-and-so from high school? How are they? Do you still keep in touch?


The Person Who Married In and Has a Lot of Food Sensitivities

They're not technically allergic, but they claim that gluten, dairy, and soy make them feel uneasy. They demand to have allergen-free Thanksgiving dishes, but no one knows how to prepare them. They spend the entire dinner quietly fuming.


The Random Co-Worker

Wait, who is that guy again? At least he doesn't have to spend the holiday alone.


The Reproductive Intruder

Your poor father-in-law. He wants a grandbaby so bad, and he's definitely willing to ask when you'll start planning your family, no matter how much the question makes you squirm.


The Sibling Who's Itching to Bring Up Politics

He's gone off to college, and he's joined College Democrats/Republicans/Socialists/Libertarians. And boy does he not care about the sage advice that these are not topics not to discuss at dinner!


The Sports Fanatics

Your cousins are mad they're at the family Thanksgiving. They'd rather be tailgating at the Lions game. But they're settling by making everyone shush up while they yell at the TV.


The Step-Parent Who's Trying Really Hard to Impress

They've been in the family for, like, eight years, but they still don't feel fully comfortable. They're trying to get the kids interested in playing games, telling corny jokes, and complimenting the chef at every turn. Their charms sort of work, though.


The Visiting Cousin

She really only comes home for Thanksgiving (and maybe also Christmas), so everyone is very interested in how her life is in the "big city," and it's really all they know to ask about.And now that you know who's at Thanksgiving, it's time to learn how where you sit at the Thanksgiving table (and what it says about you).

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