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While the state of Ohio continues to give the green light to the opening of the service sector, the city of Akron is laying the groundwork for the establishment of a new high school for special needs students in Akron Public Schools. The idea came about a few years ago when James and his foundation leaders were planning their efforts to help students. Akron's Zips are geared to academic and competitive growth, and Promise School, part of Akron Public Schools, opens Monday to 240 third and fourth graders.

Loren and Cristian Jackson lead Akron on the scoresheet, shooting 46.9 percent from the field and averaging 75.7 points per game while shooting 44.5 percent on three-pointers and 47.1 percent on the free throw line. As a team, Ohio ranks 64th in assists per game and 59th in three-pointers per game.

Preston resumed his career on January 21, scoring 27 points, going 11-for-21 from the field, picking up seven rebounds and handing out eight assists. Dartis has been under fire for the Bobcats this season, leading them to wins over North Carolina State and Ohio State, hitting five threes each.

Preston was named MAC East Player of the Week for the third time this season on December 30 and Mid-Atlantic Athletic Conference Player of the Week (MAA) for the second time on December 30.

Rogers ran for 32 yards on seven carries in his first game for the Bobcats, completing 1-of-3 passes for four yards.

Ohio was tested defensively by a talented Central Michigan offensive line, and while the Bobcats allowed 427 total yards for a loss, production was spread across the board, with every MAC defense facing its opener. Akron, which ranked fourth in the MAC with an average of 5.70 yards per game, was destroyed on 8 of 43 yards per game (currently the worst in FBS). Akron also managed just 39 rushing yards on 14 carries, dragging a unit that also ranked last in the scoring. Ohio's yards-per-game allowed ranked third in Ohio last year, when it gave up 5.95 yards per snap, but Ohio was also fourth last season in total defense with 427.

There is still plenty of room for improvement, but Ohio needs to be able to balance the offensive line, especially by losing its top running back and perhaps its best receiver in the backfield.

Depending on the size of the venue, you have a good chance of playing a home game against a top-10 team in the country or maybe even a playoff team.

We offer courses that benefit the sport, prepare athletes for the match day and keep them in shape throughout the season. The medical care is provided by our doctors, athletic trainers and physiotherapists. We are also supported by Ohio State University Medical Center and the University of Ohio Health System. Our doctors and athletic trainers as well as physiotherapists provide medical care on site.

We also offer professional and tailor-made sports medical care and specialize in developing athletes for football, athletics, lacrosse and other sports. Our educational seminars are a great opportunity to teach the basics of sports medicine, sports psychology, physiotherapy, nutrition and sports science.

Our advanced training programs and trainers are available several times a year to meet the needs of Akron Public Schools and their athletic programs. In addition, our summer lunchtime program continues in Akron Public Schools, where we currently offer take-away and go snacks.

The inter-collegial sports programs of the Zips include men's and women's basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball, football, athletics and volleyball. Akron General Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy provides board - certified physicians, licensed physiotherapists and licensed athletic coaches as well as licensed and certified athletic coaches and certified physicians. We specialize in sports-related diseases such as post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other chronic diseases. The centre consists of certified performance coaches who work in all sports with all ages and levels of fitness to improve athletics and general fitness.

The Bobcats are ranked 15th in the league in scoring, 14-14 and 7-9 after Friday's 76-69 win over Kent State at Convocation Center. Akron enters the match against the Bobcats with a 2-1 record in the MAC and a 1-0 record against the MAC.

It was a hard-fought game but we had to settle for that And it was just too much to fight for in the end. Akron opened its 2020 season with a 58-13 loss to Western Michigan that extended the program's losing streak to 18 games. The loss was Ohio's first since the 26-23 loss at Kent State in October 2017, when the teams met before. Ohio, which finished last year with an 11-9 record and a 1-5 record in MAC play, is 0-1 in its last three games after a 30-27 loss at Central Michigan.

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