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At the intersection of Northfield, nearly equally far from Cleveland and Akron, in the middle of the Ohio State University campus, just a few miles north of downtown, lies Luigi's, one of Akron's most popular pizzerias. Luigi's was awarded the best pizza, best pizzeria, and best restaurant in Ohio in Cleveland, but there is no question that Akron has the best pizza pie - and not just any pizza.

On the way - into the lively car dealerships are at home, serving a wide selection of burgers, sandwiches, salads, soups and other foods. It's a place where carnivores are worshipped and occasionally celebrated, a cash - just a throwback steakhouse where they celebrate the occasion of their favourite meat, meatballs or steaks.

If you really want an explosion of flavour, try the grilled asparagus with grilled onions and melted cheese that holds everything together. The pork knuckles fall off the bone and the smoked primrose lip is dying, but the real star is the stuffed pork chops. With juicy, tasty roast beef, high on top and covered with juicy pork belly, chicken breasts, pork ribs and pork shoulder, knock off the socks, then smear one side of hot sauce and smear on top. Burgs are delicious, but if you're looking for something more complex like grilled onions, smoked salmon or even a burger with smoked ham and bacon, they're not for you.

There are other restaurants in town, such as the East Side Cafe, West Side Grill and Fall River Grill, and there are even a few in other parts of the state, such as Akron and Cleveland.

The East Side Cafe, West Side Grill and Fall River Grill, as well as several other restaurants in the city of Akron, such as Eastside Cafe and Westside Grill.

There are several other restaurants in the city of Akron, including the Eastside Cafe, West Side Grill and Fall River Grill, which offer brunch, lunch, dinner and dinner. The East Side Cafe and Westside Grill offer weekend brunch (which is a bonus), and there are plenty of other options for lunch and dinner, and even a few nights a week.

For a little culinary detour to Akron, head to one of the city's other restaurants, such as the Eastside Cafe and Westside Grill.

Portion sizes are generous but not overwhelming, and the "half order" option makes you feel like eating a course, even though not everything is Italian, but that doesn't matter. Expect large, spicy, fresh portions of tacos and burritos, to many starters and authentic camarones. One of the best ways to keep this market from overspending is to order tacos or many of their entree, authentic camarone, because everything you order will make your stomach full and happy. In the heart of downtown Akron, just blocks from Eastside Cafe and Westside Grill, Vaccaro offers traditional dishes with much more lobster and pasta, as well as well-prepared pizzas and salads.

A can brighten up the day and it is highly recommended to order a glass of wine, a cup of coffee or even a slice of pizza with an ice cream side dish.

The baked pasta, especially the lasagna, is just as good as the cakes and the other desserts are also amazing. The salads are super fresh and huge and are among the best in town. The soup is spicy and has one of the best grilled cheeses I've ever had, full stop. Their grilled stuffed bananas and peppers with avocado, tomato, basil and garlic are dying and their salad is huge, good for any city.

They also have some of the best veggie burgers in the area, smothered in lettuce, tomatoes, onions, tomatoes, cheese and smeared with garlic aioli. They are crispy on the outside, which makes them crispy on the inside, but not too crispy, just right.

The same qualities are reflected in their wine and beer lists, which I try to carefully design, as well as in their selection of craft beers.

The full buffet breakfast is prepared and served to order and comes in a variety of styles, from waffles made with fresh ingredients and homemade dough to breakfast sandwiches and breakfast burritos. They all go - in Elvis and bring you the waffle hot, and they offer everything to make it - to order, with all your breakfast needs.

Edgar's is a hidden gem with a lovely balcony overlooking the Good Park golf course and most nights are open until 3 am. Mr. Zub's sandwiches are the perfect food, but they are also the best in town, with great prices and excellent service.

This restaurant towers over the Cuyahoga River, and the view alone is worth a date or special occasion.

The West Side Bakery is a must: The baked goods and bread are freshly baked - in-house, and they are everywhere - the - top delicious. You have everything you could wish for in a bakery, from bread to muffins, biscuits, pasta to cakes, there is nothing wrong with the West. Your breakfast and brunch are out of this world, but on your brunch menu everything is on your plate - first class, delicious And you have to be there.

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