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Join us for our popular garden concert series and enjoy great local bands surrounded by the beauty of the Arboretum. Bring your deckchairs and friends along to enjoy the beautiful views of Lake Erie, the Ohio River and the Cleveland skyline. Return to Twinsburg for a Friday night concert series that's not to be missed.

If you want to book a live music artist in Akron, OH as soon as possible, please do not hesitate to tell us what genre of music you would like to play at your event.

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Start your cultural tour of downtown Akron with a visit to the outdoor art exhibition and illuminated walk. Beck recently began working with the Akron Museum of Contemporary Art and Akron Public Library to explore the possibility of renovating the space next to Musica and housing a museum. He has also unofficially joined the efforts of the museum by helping with the archiving of memorabilia.

Located in the Courtyard Marriott Akron Downtown, this charming place combines a touch of antiquity with an industrial flair and modern facilities, and is rapidly becoming one of the most popular live music venues in downtown Akron. The club has put Akron on the map as a prime destination for jazz lovers. Live music is paired with Mediterranean-inspired cuisine served at the bar. Annabell's delivers, if you like it live - music - down, dirty, real beer, cheap and cold.

Continuing the tradition of industrial metal in Ohio, the Cleveland-based Mushroom Heads have built up a loyal following that has helped them sell millions of records worldwide. The band was twice nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and received two Grammys for best rock & roll album and a Grammy nomination for album of the year.

The venue is mainly general admission, but there are few seats and no matter what show you are showing, you will find a range of age groups and a relaxed atmosphere. One of the best ways to see new and familiar acts is to move to a more familiar venue. The largest music hall in the city, which includes a full service restaurant, bar and large open-air stage, has hosted some big names. From traveling Broadway shows to live music festivals, there are plenty of live music concerts.

Weekly concerts remain family-friendly and immerse themselves in a diverse musical genre. Many local communities host events ranging from family-friendly events such as concerts, dance parties and family events. Every Friday and Saturday there is live music with different bands from the region and the whole country.

Local favourites include Luigi's, which serves casual Italian cuisine, and Drive-In, an Akron chain famous for being touted as "America's best cheeseburger." Jilly's offers live music that spans a variety of genres including hip-hop, country, rock, blues, jazz, funk, soul, hip-hop and more. There is always live music and visitors are not afraid to take to the dance floor.

One of the first national music stars to come from Cleveland was Chris Reed, a native of West Virginia who grew up in Euclid, Ohio. His musical journey began at the age of 14 when he took private guitar lessons at the Cleveland Institute of Music. After graduating, Reed decided to stay in the Akron area and worked at several local music schools before opening his own school in 2007. Reed opened the Fairlawn School of Music in 2008 to serve students on the west side of Akron.

The development of the rock program focused on the development of guitar, piano, drums, bass, vocals and other musical instruments. The Fairlawn School of Music's second school, Kent Music School, is located in Kent, Ohio.

The Akron Comp was filling up everywhere, the plug was pulled and the music stopped in Akron, but the underground music continued. Stiff moved on and his interest in the rubber town was exhausted, and he spent the rest of his life in his hometown of Kent, Ohio, just outside Akron.

In general, Ohio has a rich musical history that has made it one of the most important states when it comes to developing sound in various genres. The city has something that caters to every taste of music, and all have their roots in Akron. Akron, which has its roots in manufacturing, remains a no-frills city, but the restaurant scene is more homely than trendy, though you can find amazing food in quirky places.

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